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In Loving Memory

Roy Moseley (Father) 


Justion Moseley (son) 
& Family

Jeremiah and Family photo

Jeremiah Moseley (Son)
& Family 

 Our Story 
Roy Moseley, a disabled veteran, local lawman, and volunteer in the local fire department in his hometown of Morganton, NC, had many passions. His passion for delivering the very best product to his customers is fourth on the list behind God, family, and country and that's the way it will always be. However, make no mistake, everyday is spent assuring that every R&R Iron Works customer gets the best product on the market! Because of this our customers become friends and family. (Roy's words) 
Roy's belief that building a superior product and using the best materials and superior craftsmanship to do so, has been passed down to his sons Justion and Jeremiah. At one time pride in your craft was part of the fiber of this nation. That pride is felt when a customer lays their hands on a product or sees the benefits of a service provided. At R&R Iron Works we believe that the way of living, working and doing business is worth preserving, even worth fighting for.  
Call us today, Let's talk about your steel truss, metal roofing, or building package need and what R&R Iron Works can do to provide you with the best tools to help your family and your business get exactly what they need. 

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