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Our Trusses



R&R Iron Works manufactures a large selection of colors in metal roofing panels, and metal siding panels & metal roofing trim. 


Standing Roof Packages

Packages include:

  • steel trusses

  •  6x6-16' post

  •  2x6 SYP Purlins

  •  40yr warranty roof panels, Ridge cap, Rake trim, Drip edge, facia, screws and hardware. 

*This package is for our standard 12' eave height building. Options available to increase eave height. 
*Gable enclosures can be added to standing Roof packages. 


Enclosed Building


  • steel trusses

  • 6x6-16' post

  • 2x6 SYP Purlins

  • 2x6 SYP for wall girts

  • 40yr warranty metal panels (Roof & walls) cut to length,

  • Ridge cap

  • Rake trim, Drip edge, facia, Corner Trim, rat-guard,  J-trim (around windows and doors),

  • R-10 Reflective insulation with white facing,

  • screws and hardware. 


*This Package is for our standard 12' eave height building. Options available to increase eave height.

*Metal soffit is an additional option for enclosed buildings. 



R&R Iron Works keeps a large inventory of lumber in stock at our facility. Lumber is also included in our building packages. 
Below is the list of lumber in-stock. 
2"x 6"-10' SYP

2"x 6"-12' SYP 
2"x 6"-14' SYP 
2"x 6"-10' PT 
2"x 6"-12' PT 
6" x 6"-12' PT 
6" x 6"-14' PT 
6" x 6"-16' PT 
6" x 6"-18' PT 
6" x 6"-20' PT 
6" x 6"-24' PT 
8" x 8"-16' PT
8" x 8"-20' PT
8" x 8"-24' PT 


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