R&R Iron Works Manufactures steel trusses in Morganton, NC using American steel. We use a high quality red Primer on every truss we manufacture. Our purlin cups are pre-welded and spaced 2' on center. There is a 18" Cord Depth for trusses 8'-44'. Our 46' Trusses to 60' have a cord depth of 24". 

Standard Specifications:

Snowload (20spf) 

Windload (115mph) 

40' Truss and smaller Typical 6x6 PT at 18" diameter augured hole with 20% of Post buried. 40' Truss and larger Typical 8x8 PT  Post with 24" diameter augured hole with 20% of post buried. 


Enclosed Buildings includes steel trusses, 6x6-16' post, 2x6 SYP Purlins, 2x6 SYP for wall girts, 40 yr. warranty metal panels (Roof and walls), Ridge cap, Rake trim, drip edge, facia, corner trim, rat-guard, J- trim(around windows and doors), R-10 Reflective Insulation with white facing, screws and hardware.  


*This Package is for our standard 12' eave height building. Options available to increase eave height.


Standing Roof packages include steel trusses, 6x6-16' post, 2x6 SYP Purlins, 40 yr. Warranty roof panels, Ridge cap, Rake Trim, drip Edge, facia, screws and hardware. 

*This package is for our standard 12' eave height building. Options available to increase eave height. 

*Gable Enclosures can be added to standing Roof packages. 


  • Standard Pitches for Gable Trusses are 4/12 Pitch

  • R&R Iron Works can customize the pitch as needed 5/12,6/12,7/12, and 8/12.

  • Sizes we manufacture are 10' to 70' 

  • Purlin cups are spaced 2' on center.

  • Standard Gable truss comes with a 18" overhang. 


  • Standard pitches are 1/12 pitches and 2/12 pitches. 

  • R&R Iron Works can customize the pitch as needed. 

  • Smallest size we manufacture are 8' to 30' max. 

  • Purlin cups are spaced 2' on center. 

  • A lean to truss comes with a 18" overhang. 

Permanent Posts and Pier Mounts 

Our Permanent posts and pier mounts are a heavy duty anchor system designed to connect post frame structures to traditional concrete foundations such as monolithic slabs, formed walls, and existing concrete pads. Made from American Steel. We manufacture wet sets, post collars, and corner collars. 

*In Stock 

Post Collars

Wet Sets 

Metal Roofing, Siding and all trim accessories 


We manufacture  metal roofing and siding right here in Morganton, NC. We offer a variety of colors. We also have a variety of Trim we manufacture and we deliver! 

Wholesale Lumber 

R&R Ironworks keeps a large inventory of lumber instock at our facility. Lumber is also included in our building Packages.

*In Stock 


1x4-12'                       8x8-16' PT 

2x6-10'                      8x8-20' PT 

2x6-12'                      8x8-24' PT 

2x6-14'                      2x6-10' PT 

4x4-12' PT                2x6-12' PT 

6x6-12' PT                2x6-16' PT 

6x6-14' PT                2x8-12' PT 

6x6-16' PT 

6x6-18' PT 

6x6-20' PT 

6x6-24' PT 

R-10 Insulation 74"x 125' (spreads 750 sq.ft.)

*In stock 

Custom Trailers

We manufacture these sturdy trailers from American steel. Our trailers are made to order so be sure to contact us. 

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