Building a house can be a tough decision to make , but also a rewarding one. However, when it comes to your home we have the first steps to get you started. R&R Iron Works has provide 4 house packages examples below. Our house packages can also be modified to your needs. 

When building our house kits the options are endless, because here at R&R Iron Works we provide you the outer shell of your home and the interior is an open floor plan which makes it extremely versatile and easy to customize especially with few interior walls. 


Our first- step barndominium homes are a post frame construction. Which means post frame construction consist of large post that are placed several feet in the ground and extend continuously above ground. Typically, the foundation of our home packages are a slab foundation. The exterior walls and roofing of the home would be Metal panels where R&R Iron Works manufactures, which is a less maintenance and more durable.  When choosing the structure style of your home R&R Iron Works has several to choose from : Gable, and Gambrel roof lines. Lean too’s and cupolas can also be added. 

Yes, this is a new product line for us but we are excited to start this journey with you! Let us help guide you in the right direction for your new home! R&R Iron Works is here to help get your home started so you can make the best decision on your new Home!

Click the link below if need a quote on a barndominium and we will be happy to send you over a quote and help with any questions. 

The White Cottage (Front).jpg

White Cottage 

The White cottage House is the perfect style home that is cozy with a modest look. Added on is a  20' porch, enough to enjoy the outside weather. 

Pricing Starting at $21,180

Available Sizes:

28x40 (1,000 sq. ft.) 

28x50 (1,220 sq. ft.) 

32x40 (1,120 sq. ft.) 

32x50 (1,360 sq. ft.) 

*All sizes include a 6x20 front porch 

Optional Add on: 

24x24 Carport connected to house. 

*Taxes are not included

*Doors and windows not included 

*If interested in layout of house kit please call us or email us and we can email over layout for houses. 

The Modern Blackwood (front).jpg

Modern Blackwood 

Modern Blackwood gives the Elegance appearance of Modern! 

Pricing Starting at $25,370

Available Size:

36x40 (1,440 sq. ft.) 

 Optional Add On:

24x24 Carport (Connected to the house) 

The Hickory Ridge (front).jpg

Hickory Ridge

The Hickory Ridge compliments the country feel of a home with a 8' front porch and with a breeze way to enter the side of the home. 

Pricing Starting at $16,476

Available Sizes:

24x40 (960 sq. ft.) 

24x50 (1200 sq. ft.) 

24x60 (1440 sq. ft.) 

30x50 (1500 sq. ft.) 

30x60 (1800 sq.ft. ) 

Optional Add On :

24x24 Carport connected to house) 

*Taxes not included. 

*Doors and windows not included. 




The Westbrook is the perfect home that 

offers features not usually found on a typical homes including oversize roll-up doors and single enclosed areas large enough to hold things like boats and recreational vehicles. 

Pricing Starting at $33,770

Available Sizes:

30x70 (1200sq. ft.)

30x80 (1500 sq ft.) 

40x80 (2000 sq. ft.) 

40x70 (1600 sq. ft.) 

*All sizes include a 10x40 wrap around porch.  

Optional Add On:

24x24 Carport connected to house

*Taxes not included.  

*Doors and windows not included. 

For more information on these house plans please feel free to contact us at 828-334-3507.